Meet the globe crab

globe crab

Globe crab sitting perfectly still (side view)

The globe crab (Randallia ornata) is no ordinary crab. Its bulbous shell and stylish color pattern shouts, “I’m different and proud of it!”

You might think with a name like globe that this crab really gets around…travels the ocean world so to speak…a real globe trotter. In reality, it’s quite the opposite.

While the ocean is all movement and motion, the globe crab sits completely still. In fact, I’ve never seen an ocean animal sit so still. Usually something is always moving, either a tentacle, an eye or an antenna. But in the case of the globe crab, there’s not a single bit of movement – this animal has achieved perfect stillness. It’s a regular meditation master.

I’ve only observed globe crabs at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and as with most animals that laze about during the day, it’s nocturnal. According to “Pacific Coast Crabs and Shrimp” by Gregory C. Jensen, globe crabs often spend their days buried in the sand. But the details on their night life are sorely lacking. Nights are probably spent searching for dinner, but you have to admit, that’s not as fun to imagine as disco dancing or doing the can-can, I mean crab-crab.

The globe crab lives along the coast from Northern California to Baja California in water up to 300 feet deep. It’s rare to find them near the beach, but it’s fun knowing that they’re out there in the ocean doing their crazy crab moves at night. Because with that look they’re rocking, it has to be crazy, right?

globe crab

Globe crab sitting perfectly still (top view)

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