Californians report your experience with signature gatherers

Plastic bag pollution

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In my last post about the plastics industry’s effort to overturn SB270, California’s state ban on single-use plastic bags, I forgot to mention one thing. If you happen to bump into a signature gatherer when you’re out and about, the organization Californians Against Waste would like to hear about it. They’re collecting information on people’s experiences in an effort to make sure the plastics industry isn’t up to any shenanigans such as spreading lies and misinformation.

Reporting your experience with a signature gatherer is easy, all you have to do is go to the Californians Against Waste website and fill out a simple form providing the following information:

  • Email address
  • Where did you spot a signature gatherer?
  • Date and time you saw the paid signature gatherers.
  • Any other details you would like to add?

The last section is where you can add details about what the person said, how they presented the issue and whether it was clear that you would be signing a referendum to overturn the plastic bag ban. I reported my experience and it took less than five minutes. The only thing that took a very small bit of effort was finding the address for the local Trader Joe’s I shop at, but thanks to Google that took seconds. After submitting the form I received a thank you email from Californians Against Waste and felt good, I did something useful by saying something!

The deadline for the plastics industry to submit 504,760 signatures to the California Secretary of State’s office is quickly approaching on December 29. So there’s a good chance you will be seeing signature gatherers out and about. If you do, be polite, listen to what they have to say, don’t sign anything and then report what happens to Californians Against Waste.

Also, make sure to spread the word and tell friends and family members living in California not to sign anything. According to a Los Angeles Times poll, 60% of Californians support the plastic bag ban, but being informed is crucial to ensuring what we want remains…not what the plastics industry wants.

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