Dedicate this Earth Day to the birds!

Photo credit: International Bird Rescue

It’s Earth Day and I was prepared to do a celebratory post hailing all the wonderful gifts our planet Earth bestows upon us everyday. That is until I saw this eye-popping, jaw-dropping photo on Facebook accompanied by a plea from International Bird Rescue offering a $2,500 reward for information on who slashed this poor California brown pelican (see above).

Who on earth would commit such a heinous act against a pelican? They can’t even bite much less protect themselves. Here are all the grim facts from International Bird Rescue’s press release:

“A California Brown Pelican whose entire pouch was cut with a sharp object like a knife is in stable condition at International Bird Rescue’s bird hospital in San Pedro. The bird was found at 5400 Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach on April 16th by Animal Control. A reward of $2,500 is being offered for for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the mutilation of this bird.”

Since the press release was issued, the award has increased to $5,000. If you know something, say something! Please contact International Bird Rescue with any information you have about this bird.

The California brown pelican is my favorite bird to see at the beach, watching them soar overhead makes my heart sing. Now I will be keeping an even closer eye on pelicans to make sure they don’t become victims on my watch.

To save this pelican, International Bird Rescue staff have temporarily stapled the pouch together so this brave bird can eat and gain strength before heading into surgery. During surgery (or surgeries if necessary), hundreds of stitches will be used to repair the pouch, which is lacerated on both sides. If you would like to support International Bird Rescue and their healing efforts, visit their website to make a donation.

Celebrate this Earth Day by supporting the birds!


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