Hawaii humpback heaven

Humpback whale breaching off Maui

I was in Hawaii humpback heaven and it was amazing!

One of the best places to access humpback whale heaven is off the island of Maui from the city of Lahaina. This is where you can find tons of whale watching boats to take you out to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary where you get to enjoy the magic of these magnificent animals.

During the trip, I went whale watching almost every day with Ultimate Whale Watch and it was the best whale watching experience of my life because no matter how rocky it was, I did not get seasick! Normally, I have to load up on Bonine or Dramamine to get through a trip, but since Ultimate Whale Watch uses zodiacs, I was low to the water and able to enjoy the animals I love drug free.

Even better, I saw tons of humpback whales! They were everywhere doing every whale behavior imaginable. During the first whale watching trip on the first day just as we were leaving the harbor, a humpback whale greeted us with a fantastic breach. I remember thinking…wow, this is really going to be awesome. And it was!

I’m still going through my photos, but to start I’m sharing the first breach I caught on camera (not the first breach I saw). I like this shot (see above) because the whale is aligned with the building in the background. Is the whale imitating architecture or is architecture imitating in the whale?

More on humpback heaven coming soon…


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    Nice shot, Carolyn. It seems many people agree on two things. Maui is tops for Humpback whale watching and Ultimate Whale Watch does live up to its name. You forgot to mention the pod of Spinner dolphins that put on a spinning show. The Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary is one of our greatest national treasuries.

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