Amazing bird photos by Jennifer MaHarry

Barn owl by Jennifer MaHarry

This weekend is your last chance to see the Nature LA: Birds of Prey exhibit at the G2 Gallery in Venice. Drop everything you’re doing and go!

The photos are truly amazing, but I have to admit I am slightly biased because the photographer, Jennifer MaHarry, is a good friend. In the past, her G2 Gallery exhibits have featured wild horses as part of Jen’s campaign to save mustangs from being rounded up and slaughtered, which you can read more about on her website.

But now for the first time, she did a series of bird photos and crossed into the coastal realm. Most of the photos were taken at animal rescue centers in the Los Angeles area, including the California Wildlife Center. The photographs are absolutely stunning.

Each bird of prey pops against a brilliant white background. The contrast makes the birds appear alive, as if they could fly out of the frame. The exhibit features several species including hawks, owls, ravens. Some are in color and some are in black and white.

Vulture by Jennifer MaHarry

Jen’s technique brings out their beauty, dignity and unique temperaments. Being surrounded by so many fine specimens of the bird kingdom is thrilling.

I walked in assuming one of the owl photos would be my favorite, I do have a soft spot when it comes to owls. (But then again who doesn’t after reading Harry Potter?) Of course the owl photos are magnificent, but my favorite surprised me. It turned out to be the vulture!

There he was staring down at me with all the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. Death is a grim business, but we tend to the cycle of life and create a new beginning after an ending, that is our role, he seemed to say. I nodded in return.

So go see the Nature LA: Birds of Prey exhibit and find out which bird speaks to you! Proceeds from purchases will be donated to local wildlife rescue centers.

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