A video of the Port River dolphins

I received an email from Paul and Debbie Huxtable, two Australian wildlife photographers who have generously shared photos and information in the past about the Port River dolphins. They’ve been very busy developing a music video about the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary to raise awareness of the plight of this special pod of dolphins.

There are approximately 30 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that live in the Port River full-time and then close to 300 dolphins that visit and hang out in the river on occasion. Unfortunately, living in a polluted river near a big city comes at a cost. Between February 2009 and August 2013, more than 10 calves and 4 adults have died. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary was created to help the dolphins and reverse 150 years of environmental degradation.

Enjoy watching the video, there are some truly amazing photos of the Port River dolphins. I hope to meet them someday.

(For more great photos of the Port River dolphins and other Australian wildlife, visit Paul and Debbie Huxtable’s website.)


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