Finding trash with all the answers

Styrofoam cup on the beach

Finding trash on the beach usually leaves me with a lot of questions. How did this piece of trash end up here? Did it wash ashore or did someone leave it behind on the beach? How long was it in the ocean? Wouldn’t someone notice if they left behind their shoe? Why would someone drink Red Bull at the beach, did they need to be extra alert to relax?

Then there’s the trash that contains all the answers, such as the piece of trash I’m holding in the photo on the left. I found it high on the beach, all intact, so it was obviously left there. It came from Chick-fil-A. The Styrofoam cup was almost half-full of fruit punch.

In these situations I only have one question: Why didn’t they throw the cup away?


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    Carolyn, you don’t have to be so polite to polluters of our environment. A bit of trash talk from an irate person who had enough of this harmful behavior. If they don’t dispose of their waste properly, they should at least dispose themselves.

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