There’s still time to help protect sharks!

Photo credit: Hermanus Backpackers

Good news, there’s still time to help protect sharks by submitting comments to the NOAA!

In my last post, I gave everyone extremely late notice about an impending deadline for submitting comments to NOAA about the regulations they’re considering that could overturn shark protections passed in 10 states and territories. NOAA claims that these stricter state regulations might interfere with their ability to implement the Shark Conservation Act of 2010 and therefore should be preempted.

This strategy doesn’t make any sense and even less sense for sharks that need as much protection as they can get these days from the demands of shark fin soup consumers. Thankfully, NOAA has extended the deadline for comments until July 31st, so please take time to tell NOAA what you think. Tell NOAA we must do everything we can to protect sharks and we must find ways to implement federal conservation laws without eliminating tougher state laws.

Speak your mind, speak your heart, just say something! To submit comments click here. Sharks everywhere thank you.

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