One Piece: it all adds up!

One Piece sticker

Yesterday I received something very cool in the mail: a One Piece sticker!

What’s that you say? Well, the One Piece sticker is the brainchild of Tom Fucigna, a writer, ocean fan, paddleboard enthusiast, environmental steward and all around cool guy doing whatever he can to help save the oceans and in particular Florida’s coast.

The idea is simple: Sporting a One Piece sticker on your car means that every time you go to the beach you pick up at least one piece of trash. The sticker also serves as a reminder to keep fighting the good fight against ocean pollution and it can be a great conversation starter.

Included with the sticker is a letter from Tom with an example scenario of what to say if someone asks you about it:

Sticker-Looker: That looks cool. What does it mean?
You: It means I pick up at least One Piece of trash every time I visit the shore.
Sticker-Looker: Why?
You: To make the world a better place.
Sticker-Looker: You really think that’s gonna work?
You: Absolutely.
Sicker-Looker: Hmm…how can I get one of those stickers?
You: You gotta ask Tom, but he’s pretty strict. If you take the sticker, you’ve got to really do the One Piece thing.
Sticker-Looker: Is this a cult?
You: Not yet, but he’s working on it.
Sticker-Looker: Hmm.

This is one potential cult I’m into. All I have to do is pick up one piece of trash at the beach every time I go, which I do anyway, and there’s no end of days suicide requirement! Plus, can you imagine if everyone actually did it? Mind-boggling.

Here’s more from Tom: “Many of us are fortunate to have access to a public beach or waterfront. If you value that resource, I encourage you to consider contributing to its sustainability by making a commitment to pick up One Piece of trash – no matter how small – every time you visit the shoreline. This is not a new idea, but it’s very worthwhile, and it’s a great start.”

I agree.

If you are interested in receiving a One Piece sticker, contact Tom through his website Also, take time to find out more about his 75 percent philosophy. Ocean fans are encouraged to make comments on the Who Are 75? page.


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