Help protect shark conservation laws

In case you missed it, the Discovery Channel created a hilarious video to promote Shark Week, which has been making the rounds on the web the last couple of weeks. I’m posting it here for a good chuckle and to bring a bit of levity to a potentially depressing situation for sharks.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is considering regulations that could overturn shark protections passed in 10 states and territories. NOAA claims that these stricter state regulations might interfere with their ability to implement the Shark Conservation Act of 2010 and therefore should be preempted. This doesn’t make any sense and even less sense for sharks that need as much protection as they can get these days from the demands of shark fin soup consumers.

The worst part is that California’s ban on selling shark fin soup finally became official on July 1st and now the whole thing might be overturned?! Unacceptable. Please read more about NOAA’s plans on the PEW Environmental Group’s website and then click the link to submit a public comment.

But here’s the deal, I found out about this on the late side and it turns out that NOAA is accepting comments through Monday, July 8th, so there’s not much time. Please take a moment to make a comment ASAP. Also, the PEW Environmental Group’s website takes you to a form letter that will be submitted as public comment. To make your comment more effective, please add a personal note expressing your concerns. Or click here to submit a comment without a form letter directly to the federal government.

Let’s make sure that sharks still have the chance to live in the great blue ocean and be the top predators that they are, which sometimes involves eating a seal or two.


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