Time to take this egg craft on the road!

Egg critters

It’s been great writing Ocean Wild Things and all, but I found my new talent: egg critters!

Yesterday at a friend’s house we all celebrated Easter by dying eggs. At first it was just going to end there, but then my friend pulled out googly eyes, colorful fuzzy balls and some super glue and the next thing you know we were all making egg critters. I think mine turned out exceptionally well.

I think these egg critters could really “blow-up” in a big way. By mass producing these, I could start selling them and make the big bucks. It means I won’t have time to keep writing, but hey, when you find something good like this you can’t just walk away.

April Fool’s! I’m not really going to start making egg critters. But they’re pretty cool don’t you think? Except I managed to get glue all over their eyeballs…


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