It’s a busy time at International Bird Rescue!

Photo credit: Bill Steinkamp / International Bird Rescue

As usual, International Bird Rescue is doing a lot of great work. It has already been a very busy year. In February, the Los Angeles center rescued 77 oil-covered common murres. They are diving birds that spend most of their lives out on the open ocean and this group encountered the natural oil seeps off Southern California. Thankfully, IBR saved the day by taking them all in, meticulously washing them and returning them to full health. To see a video of some of the common murres being released, visit the IBR blog. You can tell they are so excited to be home!

Now that spring is in full swing, IBR is already receiving the first batch of orphaned baby birds. Their San Francisco Bay center rescued a mallard duckling that somehow became separated from its mom and was being attacked by another duck. Not cool duck. I was surprised to read on their blog that IBR rescued 2,000 orphaned wild ducklings last year! And that’s just ducks.

Photo by Kylie Clatterbuck / International Bird Rescue

The Los Angeles Center also just rescued their first orphan of the spring season, a baby black-crowned night heron, which is the craziest, cutest baby bird I’ve ever seen! (Do you see the resemblance to my egg critters? See the photo on the right.) According to the IBR blog, they rescue more than 400 young herons and egrets each year. Wow!

If you love birds, especially baby birds, this is a time when IBR could really use your support. Caring for all these cute critters costs money. So share a little love and make a donation, a baby bird will thank you or tweet you.

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