Avoid buying plastic this Easter

Don’t buy this plastic Easter chick

Since Easter is just around the corner, all the Easter goodies are out on store shelves and next to the candy is a lot of plastic.

Remember that plastic candy pooping snowman I wrote about after Christmas? Well, there’s also an Easter themed line of candy pooping critters. You can buy a yellow chick, a white rabbit or a black and white cow. (It’s not clear how the cow fits in with standard Easter affair, but I guess it’s always good to have a third option for people.)

All three poop round candies in a basket and make noise from an electronic non-replaceable battery contraption. For example, the yellow chick makes a grating tweeting sound. And yes, they are all kind of cute with their big heads and eyes, but please be strong and don’t buy things like this!

Easter plastic items are already pretty out of control with plastic baskets, plastic eggs and plastic grass. There’s no need to add electronic plastic animals to the mix. In fact, do your best to avoid buying plastic this Easter. I know it’s hard, but every little bit helps and the more people stop buying single-use plastic items, the better chance those items won’t show up on shelves for the next holiday.

So don’t “poop” on the earth this Easter and avoid buying single-use plastic, especially plastic candy-pooping, noise-making animals. The earth and oceans thank you.

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