One thing you can do for the oceans

One thing you can do for the oceans

In case anyone missed this last week, there is actually one simple thing you can do to help the oceans: Stop using face wash or body wash with plastic micro beads.

Unilever made a big announcement last week that the company is phasing out the use of plastic micro beads in personal care products by 2015. This is great news for the oceans, but it never even occurred to me that companies are using plastic in personal care products. (Besides the bottle of course, all the bottles are made of plastic this I know.)

Well, it turns out that many of those exfoliating beads that are all the rage for healthy skin care are actually made of plastic. The beads are insanely small, about 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) according to a CNN article, and wash straight down the drain and into local waterways or wherever treated waste water is dumped. In the Los Angeles area, that means right off the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

All these little bits of plastic absorb toxins and float around masquerading as food to unsuspecting sea animals. The toxins work their way up the food chain and some could even end up on your dinner plate along with the fish you’re eating.

So if you want to do one thing to help the oceans, read the fine print on all soap labels and avoid buying products with plastic micro beads. If you’re willing to do one more thing to help the oceans, spread the word and tell your friends and family to be clean the ocean friendly way, without plastic.

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