Ocean Wild Things is now on Facebook

Look for the blue square on Facebook

One of my New Year resolutions was to start an Ocean Wild Things Facebook page and I did it today! Hooray!

Now you can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/oceanwildthings. So please stop in and visit the page and if you would be so kind as to click “like,” that would be fabulous. Then Ocean Wild Things posts will start showing up in your news feed along with other interesting ocean related news articles and fun photos that I come across.

Also, this is a chance to have more of a conversation. I love blogging, but it does tend to be a bit one-sided when it comes to exchanging ideas and finding out what else is going on out there that other people are in the know about.

So let’s do this thing, join me on Facebook for some ocean fun times. It’s going to be fantastic. (Oh and by the way, you can also follow Ocean Wild Things on Twitter @oceanwildthings.)

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