Recycle plastic, it’s worth it!

If you’ve been feeling lackluster about recycling lately, this graphic by will spark you back into action!

Creating plastic uses up tons of resources, so instead of making more new plastic, why not just reuse the plastic we already have? For this strategy to really work, everyone needs to chip in and do their part. I was surprised to read that people over 40 are 10% more likely than students to actually recycle. For some reason, I assumed the youngest generation would be the best recyclers. But as this graphic points out, we all need to improve our recycling habits.

So read this and be inspired! Recycling plastic is worth it.

Plastic Infographic


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    Great article, Carolyn. Fits right into the philosophy of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I fear and feel for our society, from plastic surgery to plastic cutlery. A disposable culture that is wasting our planet away. There is only one earth and they are not making them anymore so please conserve.

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