Help track California King Tides!

Ocean wave

Grab your camera and head to the beach because California King Tides started today! That’s right, not only is the day 12/12/12 super cool for numeric reasons, it also happens to coincide with an extreme high tide event caused when the sun and the moon’s gravitational forces reinforce each other. This special event lasts through 12/14/12 and the California King Tides Initiative needs photos of shoreline areas flooded by high tides all along California’s coast.

The California King Tides Initiative was launched by a partnership of state agencies and non-profit organizations to create an archive of photographs highlighting the changes taking place along California’s shore as sea levels rise. An email sent out by the California King Tides Initiative explains the strategy behind taking these photos: “King tides tend to be more dramatic in the winter when storms cause increased wind and wave activity along the coast. These high water events allow us to visualize now how flooding from rising sea levels will impact our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities in the future.”

In the process of rallying Californians to take photos, the Initiative also hopes to raise awareness about the potential impacts of sea-level rise and inspire people to take action to reduce coastal hazards. Plus, it’s one more reason to head to the beach and see some stellar waves. For more information about when high tides are scheduled to arrive and how to participate, visit the California King Tides Initiative website.

Remember to keep your distance and let your 300 to 500 mm lens do most of the work. Getting a good shot is great; getting washed away during high tide is not so great. And if you can’t make it out this week to capture California King Tides, don’t worry, another set is just around the corner on January 9-11th and February 7-9th, 2013.


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