A pelican, a boy and a heartwarming story

Photo credit: Jenny Nguyen

Why not wrap up the holidays with a heartwarming story? Here’s a great one from International Bird Rescue (IBR).

A few months ago, the organization was contacted by Christopher Borrayo-Cruz about the possibility of helping rescued animals through his Eagle Scout Project. “We were thrilled, and decided together that he would build a series of pelican drying pens — these are used for oiled birds following the wash process, where they begin to preen their feathers under warm air,” said Andrew Harmon, Vice Chairman for IBR’s Board of Directors. “This year, we’ve seen a record number of pelicans at our center for many reasons and they are among the most costly birds to treat.”

Thankfully, Christopher was up for the challenge and got to work building pelican drying pens. But where do you get all the money and supplies for such a big project? “He raised all the money from local businesses including Home Depot. And the pens are innovative and professional-grade,” said Harmon. “This young man is thoughtful, creative and very excited to help wildlife.”

Love it! This is a great story to remember as we think about resolutions for the New Year. Maybe it’s time to add volunteering at organizations that help wildlife to the list. For all the details about Christopher’s inspiring project, read the article on IBR’s website, this is one story you don’t want to miss.


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