A decorator crab’s crown of leaves

Decorator crab with a crown of leaves

It’s a bit hard to tell, but that’s a decorator crab in the center of the photo sitting amongst the blades of grass. But that’s the whole point! To be a master of disguise and trick ocean predators into thinking you’re just another part of the landscape. Nothing to see here folks.

If there was a decorating contest, this crab would definitely win. The crown of leaves sticking straight up on top of its head screams first place. This combined with a tightly knitted purple ten-armed sweater (ten legs technically) seals the deal.

Think of all the effort that went into creating this outfit. How did this crab place the leaves so they’re sticking straight up? How did he or she know that parts of a purple plant would make the perfect compliment to a crown of leaves? (Check out the photo below for a better look at the purple plant sweater.) Where does all this talent come from?

For anyone still working on hanging their holiday decorations, this decorator crab can jump start your inspiration and motivation. Maybe it’s time to consider incorporating leaves into your holiday decor? (For more information on decorator crabs, read this post, which explains how all of those fabulous decorations stick to the shell.)

Decorator crab with purple plant sweater


    • Carolyn Kraft says

      I agree Erin, hooray for decorator crabs! And yes, the trash bit is very sad. Unfortunately, trash is part of the ocean landscape now, another thing to blend in with. Thankfully, decorator crabs seem to be just using bits of trash as accessories and not eating it. Have you heard otherwise?

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