Brave birds

Bird nest on parking sign

As I was walking through my neighborhood, I happened upon this fabulous sight…a bird’s nest on top of a parking sign!

It appears that there aren’t any birds living in the nest at this time, but a pretty bold move don’t you think? As you can see in the background, there are several tree options for a nest builder, but for whatever reason this bird couple said, “Forget the the trees, let’s build on this really comfortable metal sign right out in the open where everyone can see us and we have great views of everyone walking or driving by.”

Now this choice could be perceived as not the brightest move in the world since there’s no protection at all, but maybe there are slim real estate options and tough competition for birds in Los Angeles. If that’s the case, it’s not surprising considering humans have encroached on every viable living space and there’s not much natural habitat left to go around for our feathered friends. Was this a nesting option of last resort? I hope not!

Let’s choose to believe that these bold birds knew exactly what they were doing. Why bother living in a tree when you can live above ground with an unobstructed view? Maybe we should all try to be like these birds once in awhile: be bold, do something you normally wouldn’t do, be brave, face your fears and take a risk, it might turn out to be the best move you ever made.


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