Orange sky and black birds

Orange sky and black birds

Last Thursday, I finally went whale watching again! It felt like ages since my last trip. Unfortunately, the whales didn’t show, but that’s to be expected since it’s not really whale watching season in Southern California at the moment.

A pod of common dolphins did grace us with their presence and approached the boat for some bowriding, which is always fun to watch. They also had a blast riding the waves and there were a few great leaps. It was a really rocky trip thanks to the wind, which made taking photos really tough. So I didn’t end up with any good dolphin shots, not for lack of trying I should add.

However, as the boat headed back to Dana Point, the sunset was spectacular! It turned the whole sky golden orange and made a brilliant backdrop for the birds sitting on the breakwall. In the photo above, I managed to capture cormorants (and one gull flying) silhouetted against orange. This seemed like the perfect photo for Halloween; black birds offset by an orange sky. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!


  1. margaret radens says

    We saw spinner dolphins in Hawaii on two trips this October. Now the Hawaiians are conserving certain bays for dolphins. These areas are restricted to boats and divers. They will call the whales soon.
    In August of many years ago we saw gray whales off the coast of Maine. They are large and wonderful as they follow the krill. They spout fountains of mist as they near our vessel, like temporary islands large and gray.

    • Carolyn Kraft says

      Hi Margaret! Wow, spinner dolphins, I would love to see them! That must have been an amazing trip. It sounds like you saw blue whales off Maine if they were following the krill? Whale watching is the best.

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