A fantastic flyover

Photo credit: Esther Nah

Yesterday I had the chance to see the space shuttle Endeavour flyover San Pedro and it was awesome. Witnessing this historic event really impacted me, but I couldn’t tell you why exactly.

Maybe the emotional high stemmed from being part of something great, seeing a space shuttle on its final flight before permanently resting on earthly ground. Maybe it was about what a space shuttle represents: possibility, adventure, space travel and flying to places uncharted and unknown. Maybe it was just a cool thing to see, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe it was all of the above!

The space shuttle Endeavour is a great reminder of what’s possible if you have a dream, let go of limiting beliefs and overcome primitive fears lurking in your mind. It’s time to ditch the phrase, the sky’s the limit because in reality the Endeavour has already proven the sky is just the sky and what’s on the other side is incredible. The Endeavour reminds us to use our imaginations, be creative and think big because if you can fly into outer space and return to tell the story, just imagine what else is possible.

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