It’s Shark Week!

In case anyone out there missed it, Shark Week launched on the Discovery Channel August 12th!

Shark Week isn’t an official week set aside for recognizing sharks, but thanks to the Discovery Channel it has become a very popular unofficial week that provides great press for sharks everywhere. And unfortunately sharks need all the good press they can get, according to Animal Planet 88 to 100 million sharks are killed every year from shark finning to fulfill the demand for shark fin soup.

What can you do to help stop shark fin soup madness? Here are three very easy ways to support sharks and help make sure they stay healthy and alive with all fins attached in the ocean:

1. Don’t eat shark fin soup.

2. Don’t frequent restaurants that serve shark fin soup.

3. Tell everyone you know to follow #1 and #2.

Now on a bit lighter note, to help you get into the Shark Week mood, listen to The Shark Week Song by Marian Call. I have to say it’s pretty funny, but don’t actually serve baby seal for a family meal because that’s gross and illegal. However, shark fin shaped apple slices are totally cool.

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