In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot!

Pelicans, cormorants and sea lions

Summer heat has finally arrived in Los Angeles. I knew we couldn’t escape it, but I have to admit a small part of me was really hoping the heat might just end up somewhere else permanently. And yes, I know we are completely spoiled living in Los Angeles and I shouldn’t complain, but it’s hot!

So this is what runs through my head when it gets hot. Wow, my apartment is so hot, I should really head to the beach, but traffic is going to be crazy not to mention parking and by the time I get there it will be time to head home to avoid all the beach traffic heading east. But I really should head to the beach, it will be good to get out and enjoy the sun, but I have to remember to take sunscreen because I don’t want to get sunburned and I just saw that lady with bandages on her nose reading about skin cancer, so I should probably bring a hat too and my sunglasses. Oh and then I should look at Heal the Bay’s website and see what beaches are getting good ratings these days, I’d rather go to a clean beach. It would be good to bring some water and snacks along too, but not water in a plastic bottle, that’s bad, oh and I should bring something to put trash in because there will most likely be some trash to pick up and I couldn’t stand just leaving it there. I should bring a book to read too, that sounds lovely, reading on the beach, oh I should bring my camera too because there might be some great wildlife sightings, you never know in Los Angeles, but that’s so much stuff to carry and who is going to watch it if I have to go to the bathroom…

Well, you get the idea, needless to say I did not make it to the beach this weekend and the above photo is from another beach trip. Sometimes it’s really better not to think and just go for it. Maybe it’s time to go whale watching instead…


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