Happy World Oceans Day!

Ocean blue

Happy World Oceans Day everyone!

Take time to celebrate our oceans today in some way. After writing my last two posts, I have to recommend celebrating by not using plastic bags the entire month of June. If that seems too difficult, than at least try not using plastic bags today.

To get into the World Oceans Day spirit, I’m sharing one of my favorite ocean surface photos. This was taken near Catalina Island on a beautiful sunny day. The blue was so blue, it was truly magical.

Unfortunately for our oceans, this lovely blue surface disguises an unhealthy reality underneath and tricks us into thinking everything is a-okay. If all the trash in our oceans floated at the surface, people would be appalled. But since most trash sinks or floats just below the surface, it’s harder to get people to understand the scope of the problem.

So do what you can to reduce your use of plastic bags today and give thanks to our oceans; they are the only ones we have.

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