Getting inside the dream just for fun

Dolphin on patrol

It just so happens that I’m taking a writing class to expand my skills and increase my creative repertoire. For class last night, my homework was to write the same story from three different points of view. I had no idea what to write at first and then I started thinking about that crazy dream I had last week and voila! Three different points of view: me, the sharks and the dolphin.

It turned out to be really fun to write; I especially enjoyed writing the sharks point of view. So just for fun, here is my dream from three different points of view:

There I was standing on a short wood plank pier. At the end of the pier were two giant great white sharks with their mouths gaping open. They clearly wanted me to walk closer, hopefully so close that I would just fall into their waiting mouths full of sharp glistening white teeth; their eyes watching my every move. The pier seemed to be getting shorter or somehow I was getting closer to the sharks, but I couldn’t escape. I was frozen under the spell of their magnificent maws as they reeled me in. Suddenly, a beautiful dolphin radiating light leapt between me and the great white sharks breaking the spell. I thought…wow that Hector’s Maui dolphin saved me. And then I woke up.

Shawn: “We’ve got her now, look at her, she’s just standing there. She’s not even trying to get away!”
Sheldon: “I know; it’s amazing how effective these mind tricks are that Sharkanada taught us. First, hypnotize her with the standard shark stare; then keep picturing her falling into our mouths. It’s so easy!”
Shawn: “We really lucked out that she happened to be standing close to the end of this pier. I was worried we wouldn’t have the chance to practice our new skills before the next ‘How to Hunt Humans’ class.”
Sheldon: “Get a hold of your thoughts! If you keep getting so distracted, you’re going to blow this.”
Shawn: “Okay, okay…picturing her fall into our mouths, picturing her fall into our mouths. I think she’s getting closer!”
Sheldon: “Humans and their fear, it’s the perfect mouthwatering combination.”
Shawn: “Oh no, here comes a dolphin. They always ruin everything.”
Sheldon: “Damn! Another wasted subconscious opportunity. One of these days, I’m going to wipe that permanent smile off a dolphin’s face.”

I can’t believe I called legs up again for the crab flip; they always land on their feet. Duh! Now I’m stuck with human patrol, while Donovan gets boat patrol. Bowriding is so much more fun! I know, I know, Grandma would say we’re here to serve all species and to help everyone regardless of how they treat us. But humans, they could act a little bit grateful, just once in awhile instead of making us sick with disgusting chemicals and God knows what, not to mention killing thousands of us in those dumb nets they leave all over the place. Okay, enough complaining, it’s too distracting. I don’t want to get in trouble for not maintaining human patrol protocol and get assigned the same duty tomorrow. Uh-oh, I’m picking up trouble, another human shark situation. Sending for back up…this does not look good, that lady is just standing there! I have to act fast; there’s no time to waste. No fear, be the light, jump!


    • Carolyn Kraft says

      Lol, well thankfully it wasn’t a graded class, but I did get some good laughs from people when I read it out loud. So based on that I think I did pretty well:-)

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