Celebrate heart day your way

Whale tail heart

It’s Valentine’s Day! But how did Valentine’s Day become all about couples? Why can’t it just be about love and celebrating what you love in life whether that’s a place, idea, cause or person?

Instead of getting caught up in the Hallmark driven malarkey, celebrate what inspires you, your passions in life, what you love. So if your love happens to be focused on a person, that’s totally cool. But if not, then celebrate another love. Or celebrate both!

As you’ve probably already gathered, I’m a big fan of the ocean. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I will be making a donation to one of my favorite ocean causes. But if your passions lie elsewhere, instead of spending your hard earned money at Hallmark, spend it on a good cause of your choice and spread the love.

Or do something you love to do, it doesn’t have to be about spending money. There are no real “rules” associated with Valentine’s Day except the ones we’ve created. So maybe it’s time for some new ways of thinking about heart day. Just be creative, have fun and share the love!

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