More killer whale photos

Killer whales surfacing in front of the boat

Finally, here are the rest of my killer whale photos!

One of the questions everyone asked me after the trip was: “How close did the killer whales get to the boat?” The photo on the left captured the answer: very close. When these two whales surfaced directly in front of the boat there was a collective gasp from everyone on board.

As I was going through all my pictures, it became obvious that I took several photos of the same killer whale with two notches on the back edge of its dorsal fin. If you look closely at the photo on the right (directly below), you can see a large notch and just above it a much smaller notch.

Killer whale with two notches in dorsal fin

This post also includes photos of one of the killer whales that kept slapping its tail on the surface of the water giving us quite a show.

The rest of the photos are a selection of my favorites that I just wanted to share. Enjoy!

Killer whales including tail show

Killer whale surfacing

Killer whale trio and tail

Killer whale trio

Killer whale with cool white swirl


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    Another nice series of Orca photos, Carolyn. The trio looks like it includes a youngster. You don’t really need a 500mm lens. With the 1.6X crop factor of your Canon camera, your 300mm lens is effectively shooting at an equivalent focal length of 480mm. Longer is not always better when it comes to handheld wildlife photography.

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