Killer whale photos of mom with calf

Killer whale mom and calf

I just wanted to share some of the killer whale photos I took last Thursday. This post features some mom and calf shots. The first one on the left is definitely the best one, it’s clearly a mom and calf.

Unfortunately, my 300mm lens can only get so close, so the calf in the photo below is very difficult to see. If you look really, really close at the whale on the left, there’s a baby in the mist. You might have to trust me on this one since I can’t post the high resolution version of the photo here.

Killer whale mom and tiny calf

In the last photo, the calf is a bit easier to see. Look closely at the whale on the far right, in the mist next to the whale there’s a calf arching its back.

During the whale watching trip, I saw at least two cow/calf pairs, but it’s hard to tell from my photos if I captured both pairs or just one pair three times.

Is anyone out there trying to figure out how to get rid of an old 500mm lens?

Killer whale trio with mom and calf on the right


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    Excellent photos, Carolyn. I went out once a few days after the Orcas first visit at the beginning of the year but missed them. Then they came back again while I was in the Caribbean. I will have to wait for my big moment this summer off Vancouver Island, Canada, when the salmons are returning. Will spend about five days just photographing Orcas there.

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