A hummingbird holiday

Photo credit: Anonymous

One of the surprise treats I received during Christmas was a hummingbird feeder!

Technically, I didn’t receive the hummingbird feeder as a gift, I stole it from another person who opened it during a white elephant gift exchange. Thankfully, the person who opened the hummingbird feeder didn’t really want it anyway. (White elephant gift exchanges are a strange thing…stealing gifts just seems wrong, but it’s all part of the game everyone says, and in this case I ended up with a hummingbird feeder.)

Now that I have a hummingbird feeder, I keep wondering why didn’t I get one before? They’re obviously not that much money since the gift exchange had a 10 dollar limit, which was confirmed by a quick search for hummingbird feeders on the internet.

Plus, I’ve seen hummingbirds in my neighborhood and one time a hummingbird flew right through the tree in front of our window. Only once that I saw anyway, maybe they are constantly flying through and I just don’t notice.

After I scored the hummingbird feeder, someone gave me a box of hummingbird greeting cards as a true gift, meaning I didn’t have to steal them. It’s a sign! 2012 is the year of the hummingbird. The hummingbird feeder experiment will begin soon in a very urban area of Los Angeles…


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