Visiting the Adelaide Port River dolphins

Photo credit: Debbie Huxtable

Now that I’ve learned so much about the Adelaide Port River dolphins, I would love to travel to Adelaide and go dolphin watching.  But if I actually invested the time and money to travel all the way to South Australia…would I see any dolphins? And do Wave and her pod hang out in the Port River all the time tail walking?

Thankfully, photographer Paul Huxtable, an Adelaide local and expert dolphin watcher, was able to answer my questions. He explained, “Visitors will most certainly see dolphins every time, but they are wild and as you would appreciate, they do not perform on demand so you need to be patient.”

So the good news is that you will see dolphins, that’s almost guaranteed since Wave and her pod live in the Port River Estuary almost all of the time. The slightly less good news is that tail walking is a bit more unusual, but still a definite possibility.

In general, whale and dolphin watching is Vegas style, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you might see something awesome, other times not a thing. So compared to most whale and dolphin watching opportunities, the Adelaide Port River dolphins are an excellent bet because you will see dolphins and if you hit the jackpot…tail walking.

According to Paul Huxtable, there are two tour boats (Dolphin Explorer and Port Princess Dolphin Cruises) for dolphin watching and visitors can view the dolphins on foot from the river banks and bridges. So on your next trip to Australia you may want to add Adelaide to your destination list, it could be the dolphin watching opportunity of a lifetime!


  1. Jenni Wyrsta says

    I was on a dolphin cruise yesterday and we saw six dolphins. We watched three dolphins in particular, swim towards the boat, dive under it, turn around and started to ride the bow waves. That was awesome! You can also kayak in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and get up close and personal with them. There is a 50 metre limit to approach them, but often they come to you. Thanks for the stories on our dolphins.

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