Happy holidays everyone!

Red sea urchin

For a little holiday fun, here’s an ocean animal with some serious holiday flair…the red sea urchin. The spines remind me of a Christmas tree, in a very abstract way, and the red of course is very Christmas. If there was an ornament shaped just like the red sea urchin, it would be a very cool addition to any tree.

Also, the clear blue ocean background is perfect for anyone celebrating Hanukkah. The ocean celebrates all holidays!

The red sea urchin or Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (awesome scientific name) is found in coastal waters along Baja California, California and as far north as Alaska. It is the largest species of urchin and can reach seven inches in diameter.

Sea urchins are members of the Phylum Echinodermata, which also includes sea stars, brittle stars, sand dollars and sea cucumbers. Similar to sea stars, the red sea urchin uses little tube feet to move around on the ocean floor in search of dinner, but if its favorite brown algae, kelp, isn’t far, then it may not bother to move at all.

And on that note, happy holidays everyone! May your food be close by and plentiful, may love surround you and may you have a safe and joyous holidays!


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