Help Hermosa Beach ban Styrofoam!

Photo credit: marc falardeau

The environmentally conscious people of Hermosa Beach are working to ban polystyrene plastic #6 and expanded polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, take-out containers in their fine city, but they need help!

This past May, the Hermosa Beach Green Task Force proposed banning all to-go containers made out of polystyrene, but the City Council sent task force members back to the drawing board to develop a proposal that also includes a community outreach plan.

Next week, on Tuesday, October 25th, the Hermosa Beach Green Task force will present the new plan that includes a polystyrene take-out container ban and an outreach plan to the City Council, but to ensure the plan passes they need more local residents to sign the online petition supporting the measure.

Why should ocean fans care? Because polystyrene plastic and foam are lightweight and buoyant and often end up breaking down into little pieces that become part of the ocean food chain, which float by and trick ocean animals into thinking that nasty foam is food. The best way to make sure polystyrene doesn’t end up in the ocean is to stop using it and banning polystyrene to-go containers is a good start.

If that doesn’t convince you, the measure is supported by Heal the Bay, Clean Water Action and the Surfrider Foundation, not to mention many local restaurants.

While the online petition has gathered signatures from people all over the world, the reality of local government is that Hermosa Beach councilmembers only care about what Hermosa Beach residents have to say, so please forward the online petition to anyone you know that lives or works in Hermosa Beach, California, their voice matters most.

(Photo: Squirrel demonstrates what happens when Styrofoam ends up in the environment.)


  1. Bryan says

    Great info. We need this ban in Los Angeles, especially so places like Panda Express are compelled by law to stop using Styrofoam containers!

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