List of sea lions

Photo credit: Kelly J. Kane

Visit any beach or pier in California and there is a good chance you will see a California sea lion. In fact, California sea lions seem to be everywhere enjoying one of the following activities: lounging on buoys, sinking small boats, stealing fish from fishermen, swimming with dolphins, resting on prime pier real estate, and barking at whale watchers.

Since California sea lions are always around and visible, it’s easy to take them for granted, but we shouldn’t because they are one of seven sea lion species in the world! So if anything, I hope this short list of sea lions helps Californians appreciate how special the California sea lion truly is.

List of sea lions
Australian sea lion
California sea lion
Galapagos sea lion
Japanese sea lion [EXTINCT, has not been seen since the 1970’s]
New Zealand sea lion
Southern sea lion (aka South American sea lion)
Stellar sea lion [Endangered]


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    • Carolyn Kraft says

      Hi Esther, I’m not sure how that works in the U.S., but I’m curious to find out. I’m going to contact the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and get back to you. Thanks so much for posting your comment!

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