Eating whale tails (chips) helps the oceans

Photo credit: Whale Tail Chips

Eating whale tails is very bad, but eating Whale Tails Chips is awesome! Awhile ago, I wrote a post about these really tasty chips I had discovered that happened to be in the shape of a whale’s tail, which made them extra cool.

Well last month, Whale Tails Chips took healthy snacking and helping the environment to a whole new level. The company released two new flavors, Hawaiian Barbeque and Blue Tor”CHIA,” and launched a new partnership with the Wyland Foundation. Now a portion of chip sales will be donated to the foundation to help thousands of school children learn about ocean conservation.

And to top it off Wyland, world-famous artist and founder of the Wyland Foundation (so famous he only has one name), allowed his art to be featured on the chip bags. On the left is the Blue Tor”CHIA” bag with a sweet depiction of Southern California marine life, killer whales swimming with the kelp forest behind them and a male sheephead and garibaldi to boot.

Plus, the new flavors are excellent. I especially like the Blue Tor”CHIA,” but beware, these chips are so good you can easily eat the entire bag in one sitting and not notice. Even better, you don’t have to feel bad if you do because the chips are all natural, organic, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.

So dive in and help save the oceans one bag of chips at a time! Whale Tails Chips are sold at Whole Foods, but for a complete list of retailers visit the Whale Tails Chips website.

Note: Ocean Wild Things is not about plugging products, but once in a great while I may make an exception, especially if ocean conservation is involved. So far only twice in two years, so that averages to one product post per year. Like I said, not very often…


  1. Bryan says

    I’ve had my share of chips, and these are probably the best blue corn chips I’ve ever tasted. The chia seed makes all the difference, and if a portion of my money can enlighten a young person about the importance of the oceans, that’s money well spent.

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