Diving into the more complicated side of the ocean

Ocean Wild Things

When I started writing my blog, I purposely named it Ocean Wild Things to keep my options open. Because not only do the world’s oceans contain many wild and crazy critters, oceans are wild in every way.

My intention was to write about the physical characteristics of the oceans right away, but the more I learned, the less I knew. Delving into the more complicated side of the ocean quickly turns into a journey peppered with strange terms, confusing acronyms, and information that can only be understood by reading more information.

But it doesn’t make sense to keep writing about my favorite ocean animals without discussing important aspects and realities of their ocean home. So it’s time to dive in! Don’t worry, I’ll continue to write about ocean wildlife, but now I’ll be expanding my posts to include hot topics in oceanography such as El Nino, salinity, sea level rise, ocean acidification, currents, and of course the hottest topic of all…global warming (pun intended).

Thank you for joining me on this quest to understand the science and mechanics of the ocean. Depending on how things go, this could mean an ocean science post every once in awhile or every week…we’ll see. So get ready for more Ocean Wild Things!


  1. Bryan says

    This is great news! I look forward to you helping us make sense of these complicated issues in your fun and inimitable style.

  2. says

    Great, now it can be called All Ocean and Wild Things considered. One point I especially like about this blog is, the way the articles are written in concise and layman’s language. The best way to get one’s communication across is a clear and cogent delivery of the message.

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