Sperm whale gets the fish

This is one of my favorite whale videos. I first had the chance to see this video during movie night at the Society for Marine Mammalogy Conference in Quebec City. Someone recently posted it to YouTube, so I can finally share it. (Thanks to Cheryl McCormick, Executive Director of the American Cetacean Society for posting the video on facebook.)

In this video, a sperm whale deftly uses echolocation to locate and then remove a fish caught on a long line. The agility of this 30 plus ton sperm whale to maneuver is incredible. The rapid echolocation clicks lead the sperm whale directly to the fish, it’s so accurate that the whale manages to completely avoid touching the fishing line. Instead, it just loosens the fish with its teeth a couple of times and then voila, the fish floats off into the sperm whale’s mouth.

This short video (less than 1.5 minutes) manages to capture the intelligence and awesomeness of whales. Don’t miss it!


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