Now is the time for gray whale watching

Photo credit: Bobbie Hedges

People keep asking me, “Are there still enough gray whales migrating for whale watching?” The answer is a definitive yes!

While we are getting closer to the end of the “normal” migration time frame, for some reason the gray whales are traveling north later this year. Why? You would have to ask the gray whales that question. But this week they decided to head north in large numbers.

On Monday, ACS/LA Census volunteers spotted 64 gray whales traveling north! And yesterday census volunteers counted 25 gray whales headed north. They also spotted one gray whale headed south, apparently that whale didn’t receive a copy of the original travel itinerary.

Voyager Excursions out of Redondo Beach runs two whale watching trips daily. So get out there and see some whales! It’s not too late!


  1. JNapoli says

    Well, I probably won’t be able to go whale watching, but your post is inspiring nonetheless. And if anyone can get the answer from the whales about the later travel…it’s you!

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