More fish kill photos

Wheelbarrow of dead fish

I received requests to post more photos of the fish kill. So here they are. If you are tired of seeing photos of dead fish, definitely ignore this post.

But first a quick update: The latest Los Angeles Times article on the King Harbor Marina fish kill in Redondo Beach details that the sardines tested positive for domoic acid, which is a neurotoxin.

There are new theories that this neurotoxin may have caused extra distress on the fish and possibly played a role in driving them into the harbor. But low oxygen levels in the water ultimately killed the fish. In fact, in one of the photos below you can see a sardine with its mouth wide open as if it’s still gasping for breath.

Remember this is with 30 tons of dead fish already removed. Pay special attention to the photo that shows the layer of dead fish underwater, there is still a lot of cleaning up to do.

Dead fish corral

Bucket of dead fish (gasping fish on the front edge)

Floating fish

Layer of dead fish underwater

Herding dead fish

Dead fish close up

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