Eating fish, got mercury?

Photo credit: Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons

Recently, I discovered several great websites that I’ve been meaning to share. Today, I present a must use resource for fish eaters. Full disclosure, I actually don’t eat fish anymore for many reasons. In general I’m concerned about the future of our oceans and over-fishing, but what sealed the deal was getting really sick after eating salmon. To put that in context though, I should also tell you that I have bizarre reactions to taking vitamins too, so clearly I’m either overly-sensitive or abnormal.

Regardless, knowing what’s in the food you eat is essential to good health and if you are big into eating fish then start visiting on a regular basis. The website is sponsored by the Sea Turtle Restoration Project to raise awareness on ocean degradation and the levels of toxins in our oceans, specifically mercury. gets straight to the point on the home page with a mercury calculator. All you have to do is plug in your weight, the type of fish you eat and the amount per week, then hit the calculate button and bingo it provides the percentage of mercury exposure above or below the EPA’s limit.

Out of curiosity, I entered a favorite fish meal I used to eat frequently prior to my no-fish diet. A can of albacore tuna, on a couple of sandwiches, with tomato, lettuce, mayo, yum…makes me want to run out and buy some right now. Until I entered it into’s calculator that is. Based on my weight and eating one 8 oz. can a week, my mercury exposure would be at 185 percent! Yikes! According to the, it should be under 100 percent.

I think I will be sticking to my no-fish diet.

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