Get really close to a gray whale with Cabrillo Aquarium

Photo credit: Diane Alps

Join Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, March 6 through March 14, 2011, for a trip that truly is the Journey-of-a-Lifetime. For people out there who want to get as close as possible to a whale, this is the trip for you!

Pacific gray whales return to San Ignacio Lagoon each year to mate and give birth. During this nine-day excursion you (if you go!) will spend three exciting days anchored in San Ignacio Lagoon where friendly gray whales and their curious calves swim within arm’s length of the skiffs. (No joke take a look at the photo!)

The trip also includes naturalist-led visits to uninhabited desert islands where passengers will have the chance to see a wide variety of birds, elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals, unique habitats, and tons of other wildlife.

I know several people who have gone on this trip and they all say it’s completely amazing, something everyone should do in their lifetime. So get in on the action and read more on the Cabrillo Baja Trip website. I’ve heard there are still spaces available…


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