The dumbo squid

The dumbo squid

Well, I had hoped to be able to share all sorts of fascinating tidbits about the dumbo squid featured in the adjacent photo. But alas, in the midst of doing research on this cute little critter my computer acquired a nasty virus and now I can only tell you the obvious and a few minor things I discovered before the incident since I don’t wish to cross paths with that virus again. The rest of my evening was spent talking to a Dell computer technician.

The dumbo squid is also referred to as the dumbo octopus depending on what reference you use. It was named after Disney’s famous flying elephant Dumbo thanks to its cute little ear-like flaps on the sides. And this critter prefers living in the deep ocean, so it’s not often seen by people. I had hoped to find out what that little tongue is, but no such luck.

The lesson to be learned from this post is: Don’t become too enamored by cute little sea creatures and start randomly clicking on photos google finds, computer viruses come in all sorts of disguises.


  1. JNapoli says

    Maybe the Dumbo Squid has telekenetic powers and didn’t want anyone to find out more about him. Or maybe Disney has the copyright. In any case, it’s an adorable photo and I am sorry you had to experience a meltdown to get this post up!

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