The ACS conference is fast approaching, don’t miss it!

ACS 2010 conference logo by Uko Gorter

On November 12th, just a few short days away, the American Cetacean Society’s (ACS) 12th conference begins! If you love whales, dolphins and porpoises, don’t miss this conference!

Two years ago, I became addicted to whales, dolphins and porpoises, after attending a presentation hosted by the American Cetacean Society’s Los Angeles Chapter (ACS/LA). Then I joined the Cabrillo Whale Watch program and started training as a naturalist and became even more addicted.

This all happened at the end of September and beginning of October 2008. That’s when I learned of the 11th ACS conference taking place in November 2008. I knew I had to go. At the time, it seemed a little over the top since I barely knew anything and had just learned what a cetacean even was. (Cetacea is the scientific order that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises, hence they are called cetaceans.)

But going to the conference was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I met fellow whale enthusiasts from across the country, attended presentations by top scientists in the field and in general had a great time. If you want to learn more about whales and dolphins go to this conference. You won’t regret it! (For more details or to register go to the ACS website.)

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