Writing about the California spiny lobster

California spiny lobster

Last week, I wrote a cover story for Easy Reader on Dive N’ Surf’s Lobster Mobster contest and lobster fishing in California. This turned into a much bigger story than I originally had planned, but that’s how the writing process often goes. One of the most challenging decisions every writer must face is what information to leave out and for this story that was really tough. I added and deleted paragraphs constantly.

Looking at the story today, I think I made the right decisions, but still wish I had room to discuss more details about the role California spiny lobsters play in the local ecosystem, the tough choices lobster fishermen in Maine made that paid off, other ways we as citizens can help spiny lobsters and more about the concept of marine reserves and the California Marine Life Protection Act.

But these tough choices have also given me a lot to write about here on the blog, so look for more about the California spiny lobster soon. In the meantime, here’s the link to the Easy Reader Lobster Mobster story and the California spiny lobster column I wrote last year.

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