More great blue whale watching

Blue whale diving for the deep

Yesterday started with another amazing blue whale watching trip. Twenty whale watch naturalists boarded the Voyager in Redondo Beach and headed out to sea despite extremely low visibility. There was a thick marine layer making everything really hazy. It was so bad that once we were further offshore I had absolutely no idea where we were because we couldn’t see land in any direction. It was like floating in a cloud.

But that didn’t stop us from seeing blue whales! We heard a blue whale before we saw it when the whale surfaced by the boat and made a giant exhale. We ended up seeing four whales all together, they were hanging out in two separate pairs. And let me tell you these were some of the biggest blue whales I’ve ever seen. Yes, blue whales are the largest animals on earth so it’s not surprising that they were huge. But I’m talking HUGE. The girth and size of these whales was astounding. Check out the depth and height of the tail in the photo, pretty impressive!

The whales where feeding over the deeper waters of the Redondo Canyon on krill. But the krill wasn’t at the surface this time so we had to wait patiently between dives for the whales to surface. The good thing about this was that we got to see several flukes as the whales took deep dives. It was awesome. For people visiting Los Angeles or living in the South Bay, the Voyager is going to be running blue whale trips as long as the whales stick around. For more information call (310) 374-3481.


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