Labor Day aftermath

After Labor Day trash pile

Apparently Labor Day is a time to relax, catch some rays and throw trash around at the beach. This shot was taken at inner Cabrillo Beach this morning around 9am. Okay so maybe all that trash couldn’t fit in the garbage can and maybe the birds spread a bit of it around as they were picking around for prized food items, but humans definitely played the leading role in this scenario.

This is an unacceptable amount of trash on the beach. Just a few feet away from the ocean where it will become marine debris and cause all sorts of terrible problems for ocean wildlife. If you go to the beach, please take your own trash bag with you and make sure every item is picked up and stowed away. Leave the beach the way it was before you got there, without mounds of trash!

This year people relaxing on inner Cabrillo Beach just created more work for the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks. I guess for some workers Labor Day will always mean more labor.

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