Blue whales everywhere off Los Angeles

Blue whale flukes 2 miles from shore

If you have never seen a blue whale and you happen to live in the Los Angeles area, then it’s time to go whale watching! There are blue whales everywhere off the coast right now feeding on mass amounts of krill. On Sunday I went whale watching on the Spirit based in San Pedro and we started seeing blues only two miles off the coast!

It was quite a day with 18 blue whales, 3 fin whales, 1 minke whale, countless krill, 1 black jellyfish, lots of salps (related to jellies), turnicates and even some bright red floating blue whale poop. You never know what you’re going to see on an ocean whale watching adventure.

Only one percent of the world’s population has seen a blue whale in the wild. I’m telling you being a member of this one percent is the best. Get out there and see a blue whale, it’s the thrill of a lifetime!

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