Seas the Day!

Save our blue ocean!

I just came across this really cool education and conservation project run by The Ocean Project in partnership with the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. It’s called Seas the Day and urges people to take the Seven C’s pledge, some very creative word play at work. Love it!

Here’s the Seven C’s pledge:

1. Commit to making a real difference

2. Conserve in your home

3. Consume consciously

4. Communicate your interests and concerns

5. Challenge yourself daily

6. Connect in your community

7. Celebrate our Ocean!

To take the Seven C’s pledge visit the The Ocean Project website and officially sign in to make a difference. On the website there is much more detailed information on each of the seven pledges and suggestions on how to comply and fulfill your pledge. I have been working hard to avoid buying items sold in massive amounts of plastic. This is tough though, it seems like everything comes in plastic once you start looking, but I’m not giving up! It’s little things like this that start to add up if everyone starts doing the same. Together we can change business practices and improve the environment!

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