Help ban plastic bags in California!

Heal the Bay launched this great video to raise awareness about the devastating impact plastic bags have on the ocean. This is a big deal right now because a vote on Assembly Bill 1998 is expected by the end of August and if passed this bill would ban annoying single use plastic carryout bags in California. I just called my State Senator Jenny Oropeza to let her know that I support AB 1998. Please take time to do the same, it only takes a couple of minutes. If you don’t know who your State Senator is go to Heal the Bay’s website and look him/her up.

Heal the Bay has suggested talking points on their website in case you get tongue tied. But don’t be nervous because it’s your State Senator’s job to take your call. Banning the use of plastic bags in California would be a huge win for the ocean and marine life. It’s super important to call because the plastics industry is fighting this bill with big money and deep pockets. Don’t let special interests determine the health and vitality of our last great public commons. Help protect your favorite ocean critters by calling your State Senator now!


  1. JNapoli says

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing it. I will never watch “American Beauty” the same way again. Of course, I have no plans to ever watch “American Beauty” again, anyway, but you know what I mean. It’s always cool when activists use a different kind of language to spread an important message.

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