Here’s looking at you kid

Staring contest anyone?

I have to admit I’m pretty obsessed with California spiny lobsters, they are just so cool! Here’s another great photo of one staring with it’s beady eyes. And don’t be fooled by the yellow coloring with the black spots, those aren’t eyes. The eyes are directly above the yellow areas, the tiny round black marbles sticking out in 3D.

Maybe the black spots highlighted by yellow are trick eyes to fool predators and unfriendly creatures looking for a fight. Then they might stab at the yellow areas leaving the real eye unharmed. (Remember that’s pure speculation on my part.)

Since lobsters live on the bottom of the ocean floor, they actually “see” mostly with their antennas, using them to sense the world around them.

And check out that bright orange color on the legs that really pops with the black background. Nice! Plus that awesome deep red armor keeping the lobster safe from harm. And just think while we are trying to survive the summer heat, the California spiny lobster is staying nice and cool hanging out in dens on the ocean floor. This is one cool customer.

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